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How We Work Together

Our stream lined process combines everything we have done to date and shows in the customer satisfaction of our current and previous clients..

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Discovery & Briefing

Most people wouldn’t build a house without plans, and it’s very much the same for software projects. We place a large emphasis on looking holistically on both the business and the proposed project before getting started with any development. When we have developed a brief which solves the challenges at hand, we then make sure it is clearly understood before we move forward. Although we have packages each project has a unique set of details which are required, these are made to measure as each business faces different challenges.



Design and Development

After a well refined discovery, we move to the product team and put you in the hands of our development and design engineers. During this phase if you will be still working with the discovery team to build a business strategy. You will be involved right the way through the development process, providing input to start the project and giving feedback as it is nearing completion.



Go to Market and Growth

As your project is now ready to use and in the market, we now have to figure out how to get people to use it? We help you design a launch strategy to take your product to market for the first time as well as a long term growth strategy to help keep it in market. We also design systems and implement techniques which help you grow and refine your product through using detailed analytics and measuring them against your KPI's.

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